Saturday, 5 January 2013

Connection - A simple yet powerful word

Never once have I stumbled across this word. It took me a while to realize how strong this word actually was. Connection is what makes everything possible. Be it an internet connection, relationship connection, business or political connection, it is the most important word that makes those happen.

Everything in the world is about connection. A bad internet connection leaves both parties subscribers and customers to suffer. The same applies for relationship. No matter how perfect one side could be, it’s the connection that speaks the most. Two perfect people could suit each other in many different ways but without the connection, the relationship would not work out. In this case, I call the connection as love. In many cases, couples got together being impressed by the one of the parties. These couples would think that they are in love. I make a very bold move by branding this a relationship instead of love. The connection is not pure and could be artificially created in the mental world. For many who are tolerate, it’s the give and take that makes up a relationship and are satisfied without the element of connection.

I’m lucky to have experienced this twice in my life. And since I’ve experienced it, I would not revert back to a relationship without connection. I think that is the problem that I did not understand for years which explains why I have been single. I am not interested in the pride of being in a relationship. I was searching for a connection.

I hope that such connection would occur to me again but I am willing to accept the worse. After all, it does make me cherish the past moments more and I’m more than glad to have experienced it.

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Synergy of Energy and Law of Attraction

I remember the first time I was handed a book by Shao Nian known as the secret by Rhonda Byrne. I didn’t really read it then until I watched the movie with my parents a year later. It was an interesting movie which helps motivate people to reach the goals that they desire in life. The movie shows live examples of people achieving what they dreamt of by jotting down the goals and think of it religiously. To their astonishment, they actually succeeded in reaching their goals and only realized it when they recovered the goals that they jotted down n years back.

The movie depicted that the goals were as easy to achieve by just thinking of it religiously. Does this really happen in real life? One might argue that the model does work because by thinking of your goals religiously you would be more positive that your goals are actually achievable instead of strong pessimism that your goals are beyond the universe.

After giving myself some time to think of it, I don’t think the model works entirely. Since law of attraction theorizes itself as an energy attracting the physical world to come closer to you, there must be an energy from within (mental) that complements the synergy. And this energy that I have identified is called commitment.

A commitment isn’t something that intensifies and relaxes at any given time. Commitment is the continuous act which builds onto its previous committed act which if stopped at any given time would cause a collapse. Commitment is where a person who would give up anything to pursue their belief even if the world is against it. This person is also normally being known as a psycho.

The law of attraction flaws in a way which it does not offer practical actions to welcome success but is a good tool in opening up a person’s motivational gateway. Combine a psycho’s level of commitment energy, it is hard to deny that the person has a high chance of succeeding. I personally think that law of attraction does exist but we don’t realize it. Moments that we think that we could do it but at the same time doubting our abilities would just end up in failure. Negative energies are always stronger than the positive ones.

Realizing that scientists and businessmen have this combination in common, should I take this chance to experience the life of a psycho?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What is the right question?

Being alive for 11978100 minutes, it has finally caught my mind that I had been missing out on numerous key questions. I’m trying hard to answer those questions but looks like it would only be answered in another 47912400 minutes.

What is life about? This question is almost as cliché as Adidas tagline – Nothing is impossible. I’m not interested in this topic as it offers little practical stance and is a weak motivational tool. So what is the question in my mind now? The possibility of nothing is impossible could be a possible question and we shall come to that shortly.

I have been lucky throughout my life and I have always held the thought that I would be blessed until I sleep tight in my coffin. Am I right to assume that I was assigned by God to this space and time to achieve something hence deserving the blessing or is it all down to the hard work I laid down over the years? I have to admit that I’m currently in the biggest dump since birth. It didn’t happen overnight. It was accumulated in these few recent unproductive years. Let’s take option A, if I do believe that all these are part of God’s guide to life to me, should I be worried of my current situation?

Let’s take option B now. Does effort mean reward? I was looking into the dark sky and wandered at the bright shiny stars. Those stars didn’t feel far from me at all, but to know that the light from it travelled over hundred million years to be witnessed by my naked eyes, it felt truly astonishing. I would like to draw parallels of this scenario with the tagline nothing is impossible to provide the base to take on option B. Surely, for something to take a few hundred million years to travel to its destination is definitely near impossible, or at least, impossible for humans. But the fact is it happened. The impossible could be possible. For us humans, we always have similar taglines to push ourselves to the limits. To achieve the impossible, the power of the human soul is called in and often backed by the tagline – there’s a will, there’s a way. We humans would never doubt our souls, but the will. The soul provides us the energy and power to achieve the impossible, and it relies on the will to unlock the soul’s unlimited potential. The result of will is effort and the result of effort is reward.
The sequence is therefore Soul -> Will-> Effort -> Reward

The equation makes sense? It should, but I no longer believe in it. Laying out possibly the most generous amount of trust, passion and love I could ever offer for the past 7 years, I ended up with a never-attainable imagination. Hurt, learning it the hard way, I stopped believing effort. Instead of achieving my reward, it became my own enemy. The cliff that I piled with my effort, made me fall deeper in the sea of depression.

Now, I happened to be at the crossroad where I was before. Should I give effort a chance to redeem itself or should I follow what my lesson taught me?

Monday, 22 November 2010


It's the same time of the year again where all those who went to australia to study are returning. But for me this is not exactly the time to party because I still have loads of work to do.

Assignents to be completed by 9th december:
Enterpreneurship & Business Essay 26/11/10
Computer Lab Exam 30/11/10
Computer in Business Project 9/12/10
Econs Essay 10/11/10
Enterpreneurship & Business Project 13/12/10
Computer in Business Project Presentation 13/12/10

Parents are now in Shanghai so I've got a bit more freedom. Very annoying because I could be enjoying this time instead of rushing on my assignments.

Can someone write the essay for me please?

Friday, 29 October 2010


I've decided not to go to overrated restaurants which serve bad foods especially those chain restaurants. I was talking to a friend who worked at Secret Recipe and he said all the food were ready made and when u order it, they just take it out from the fridge and microwave it.

If Gordon Ramsay was a malaysian all these stupid chains would be closed down already. So there isn't going to be Delicious, Secret Recipe, Chillis, TGIF, Madam Kwan for me anymore. Disgrace to the malaysian food industry. I would rather microwave Tesco foods myself than to go to a restaurant just for the people to microwave the food for u and charge u rm20 for it.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Notting to shout about

I'm officially a student at Nottingham Malaysia. Been here for 3 weeks already. Starting first year again studying Finance, Accounting & Management.

My friends here are all from 2nd year. I didnt bother or should I say that I dont intent to make any first years' friends. The no-future lalazais filled my lectures and caught me thinking, shouldnt they be selling pirated dvds? I sit in the back rows most of the time. And every lecture I would start missing the time in warwick and cambridge. Friends who I really appreciate having. I still remember the time at warwick. Everyone starting off with sky-high ego. Conflicts filled the script of the start of my warwick drama. Issues with paul, yumin, samantha, cassie, kahyan, yee eng, nicole, ruizhe... ... But along the way, time sealed the deadlock. It was the grease of our friendships. All of us lowered down our ego and supported each other in the end. And the so-called rootes gang, especially tze xuan, swarna and yumin, are exactly best people to go to when it comes to food.

Now at nottingham, I really dont see the point making friends who only care to talk bout modifying their protons, installing some gozilla-asshole-sized exhaust pipes with their parents' hard earned money to just create some stupid noise that no one actually cares. These people will never drive the car I drive and will never have the money i have. And honestly, to spend 10k-15k modifying a proton to show off crap in front of their gfs, I would rather use the 15k to treat my gf meals for the next 5 years without letting her pay a single cent, if i really love her. So clearly, these people dont love their gfs at all.

UK, I'm coming back to you. Please allow me to love you again.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Simple & Nice

One of my favourites at the moment.
I do not need a Lady Gaga to entertain me. A simple, hot Cheryl with her lovely voice is enough to make my day.

Friday, 15 October 2010


I feel very unfit at the moment. Gained so much weight since i came back from the UK. Didn't really care about it until futsal just now. Had to hop off the pitch due to back pain in less than 10mins.

It's time to start reducing my weight already but maybe not as drastic as the time in the UK. Will start eating fruits before every meal. Let's hope it works.

Keefong, Heen Leong & I
My primary school friends. We were about the same heights back in those days and now they are 178cm and I'm still 166cm. I'm not greedy, I will be very happy to reach 172cm. Will it happen?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Love knows no limits

True friendships last a lifetime

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I'm glad you did...

Was on skype for 5hours with you and i was shown this video. I thank you and I will share it with everyone.

Christian The Lion


Miss the stupid things that we always do together. And finally today we got a new entry in our collection.

Chipmunks - Bom Bom Pow